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Curt I. Civin, pediatric oncologist and stem cell researcher (1997)

In the 1970s when Civin began stem cell research, little was known about progenitors, the cells of all other blood lineage. Civin thought that stem cells had their own identifying surface proteins. To test this, he immunized mice with leukemia cells, some of which he supposed might have that peculiar protein, and then harvested the resulting immunoglobulins and reproduced them as monoclonal antibodies. In 1981, Civin discovered an antibody that bound to 1% of marrow cells. Video footage includes an interview with Curt I. Civin about his discovery of the cell surface protein that makes stem cell selection possible; and interviews with Kenneth Kinsler and Bert Vogelstein. The prototype of the stem cell selector instrument is located in the Division of Science, Medicine, and Society collections, NMAH.

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