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The Lemelson Foundation is a private philanthropy established by one of the country's most prolific inventors, Jerome Lemelson (1923-1997), and his family. In addition to the Lemelson Center at the National Museum of American History, the Foundation lends support to the following programs:

Spark!Lab at the National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
The Lemelson Center's Spark!Lab, the newest hands-on space for families and others visiting the National Museum of American History, shows the real story behind an inventor’s work. Through fun activities, kids and families learn about the history and process of invention. You can play games, conduct science experiments, explore inventors’ notebooks, and even invent!

Lemelson Assistive Technology Development Center (LATDC), Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
The mission of the Lemelson Assitive Technology Development Center is to provide students with an experiential education in design, invention, and entrepreneurship through the use of assistive technology and universal design. LATDC achieves this through a combination of courses, activities, internships, collaborations with business and non-profit organizations, and through teams of students who design, develop, and make available equipment for people with disabilities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
To celebrate excellence in innovation, MIT administers a variety of programs including the Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention and innovation, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, the high school Invention Apprenticeship program, an endowed chair, educational outreach activities, and courses on product development and entrepreneurship.

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), Hadley, MA
The NCIIA is a national, cross-disciplinary community of faculty and students with an interest in learning through team-based, commercially focused innovation. The NCIIA provides support to faculty and students who believe that the teaching of invention and innovation is critical to American higher education. The NCIIA provides grants to colleges around the country for the creation of student inventing teams (called "E-Teams" for Excellence and Entrepreneurship), courses, projects, networking opportunities and resources for faculty and student innovators.

University of Nevada at Reno
Augmenting the E-Team program in the electrical engineering curriculum, a center established at this university promotes invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The African-American Male Achievers Network, Inc. (A-MAN)
A-MAN encourages underserved children 5-17 years of age to develop skills in math, science and business. It utilizes science and technology as a motivational tool and works to advance the educational achievement and intellectual and career development of African-American and other minority students. A-MAN's International Science Discovery and Learning Center (ISD&L) in Los Angeles fosters an interest in science through hands-on activities using laser beams, a robotics lab, and other resources.

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Hundreds of eco-cities are now underway or about to be launched worldwide. But can these cities really do the job their advocates claim they will?
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