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Inventors After 1960

Bergey John Bergey:
headed the team that produced the first electronic digital watch.

Biard Pittman Robert Biard and Gary Pittman:
invented the infrared light-emitting diode, the first step towards the LED time display.

Fergason James Fergason:
developed the liquid crystal display most frequently found in today's watches and calculators.

Heilmeier George Heilmeier:
headed the team that invented the first practical liquid crystal displays.

Holonyak Nick Holonyak Jr.:
demonstrated the first visible-light-emitting diode, a kind of laser that came to be used in watch time displays.

Luce Nunzio Luce:
headed the team that developed the first LCD digital quartz watch.

CEH Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH):
developed the first quartz watches in Switzerland.

Staudte Juergen Staudte:
invented a method for mass-producing quartz crystal oscillators.

Inventors Before 1960

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