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Inventors Before 1960

Curie Pierre Curie:
was the first to observe the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, a discovery that would yield a precision time standard.

W.G. Cady Walter Guyton Cady:
developed the first quartz crystal resonator.

Pierce George Washington Pierce:
developed several designs for quartz oscillator circuits.

Reinitzer Lehmann Friedrich Reinitzer and Otto Lehmann:
discovered liquid crystals, materials that would eventually be used for watch time displays.

Marrison Warren Marrison:
developed the first quartz clock.

Kilby Noyce Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce:
independently invented the integrated circuit, the microelectronics package that controls the quartz wristwatch.

Hetzel Max Hetzel:
invented the Accutron, the first tuning fork watch.

Inventors after 1960

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