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Invention at Play logo and link Spark Lab logo and link Places of Invention »
Planning is underway for Places of Invention, a new, interactive, family-friendly exhibition for the Lemelson Hall of Invention at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. And we invite you to become part of our exhibition team!
Plastic skeleton with implants Inventing Ourselves »
Learn how invention has enhanced human performance from peg legs to artificial hearts.
Electric guitars The Invention of the Electric Guitar »
Rock 'n roll through the invention story of one of the most popular instruments in American music.
Ad for Evans Streamlined Auto-Railers

Doodles, Drafts, and Designs »
Explore industrial drawings that document inventors' thoughts, organization, work, and production.

Inventor David Gittens Innovative Lives »
Meet inventors and middle school students from our "Innovative Lives" programs.
Mina and Thomas Edison Edison Invents »
Find out about Edison's life and
inventions through our interactive game--then make your own light bulb!
Pulsar watch The Quartz Watch »
Learn how a watch works while discovering the fascinating stories behind the invention of the quartz watch.
Dyed cloth Whole Cloth »
Delve into this rich interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates science, technology, and invention with women's, African American, and labor history.
Exhibitions at the Lemelson Center »
See what's on at the Museum (and check out our past exhibitions, too).
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