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Matt Capozzi and Nathan Connelly, Accessible Snowboard Inventors
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Capozzi and Connolly at a trade fair with their accessible snowboard

Capozzi and Connolly at a trade fair with their accessible snowboard

More Photography:

A rider tips over testing a prototype

Testing the accessible snowboard on the slopes

Testing a tethered version of the accessible snowboard

The Work of Capozzi and Connolly

The first design was made out of two-inch PVC pipe, a camp chair, and glue. It wasn’t stable. When Capozzi and Connelly tested it on the slopes, it often fell over.

The next prototype, made of aluminum, included a mechanism that swiveled and raised the snowboard seat to allow the rider to catch a chair lift.

The third version (called the S3­-short for Seated Snowboard System), made out of molded carbon fiber, is stronger and lighter than the earlier prototypes. This design was patented in 2001.

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