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Newman Darby, Sailboard Inventor
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Darby’s daughter Cindy demonstrating his sailboard simulator

Darby’s daughter Cindy demonstrating his sailboard simulator

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A windsurfing instructor and a paraplegic student on the water on sailboards
Paraplegic woman learning to windsurf

Kids rigging their windsurfers on the beach
Kids learning to windsurf

Learning to Windsurf

Newman Darby created a sailboard simulator to teach people how to use his invention.

Darby says that, in some ways, using his simulator is just like windsurfing. “It teaches sail positions and gives learners confidence. But when you’re out on the water, the wind comes in gusts from different directions and the board bounces up and down. “You just have to develop a feel for it.”

So what's the hardest thing about windsurfing? Darby says it depends on the equipment you're using."If you're using a small sail and a wide board in a light wind, you couldn't fall off if you wanted to. But big sails are heavy and hard to pull out of the water. And narrow boards can be tippy. Lots of people quit the sport because they're exhausted after a couple of hours, but it doesn't have to be that way.”

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