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Newman Darby, Sailboard Inventor
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Darby sailing one of his early boats, 1947

Darby sailing one of his early boats

More Photography:

Newman Darby's high school graduation photo, 1948
Newman Darby, 1948

Darby with his father and brothers, posing in their house, 1943
Newman Darby with father and brothers

Darby with his mother, father, and brothers, posing in a field, 1948
Newman Darby with family

Darby in 1963
Darby in 1963

Darby in His Youth

Newman Darby’s curiosity and persistence began with childhood play and exploration. His experiments with boats and sailing from an early age provided the knowledge of tools and materials that made his inventions possible.

Darby’s first boat, built when he was 12, sank. Instead of giving up, he resolved to build a better one. He learned more about boatbuilding, constructing a working boat when he was 14.

“I thought about sailing all the time. I wanted to explore. I couldn’t drive, but I could row a boat. I used half of a pup tent for a sail and had a great time.”

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