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Sally Fox, Innovator of Naturally Colored Cotton
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Sally Fox inspecting cotton plants in the field

Sally Fox inspecting cotton plants in the field

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Samples of naturally colored cotton fibers
Samples of naturally colored cotton fibers

Innovator of Naturally Colored Cotton

Weaving together her passion for natural fibers and textiles and her commitment to protecting the environment, Sally Fox developed the first commercially spinnable, naturally colored cotton.

“People didn’t think it was possible to improve the quality of the brown and green cotton so that it could be spun.”

Fox was working for a cotton breeder in 1982 when she first came across colored cotton seeds. She was immediately intrigued by their possibilities.

Naturally colored cottons have always existed. They’re more pest resistant than white cottons, but in their original, natural state the fibers aren’t long enough for industrial spinners and can’t be used for mass-produced textiles. Fox spent years crossbreeding colored cotton plants to produce her commercially spinnable FoxFibre®.

“When I started my work, I was an entomologist and I hadn’t read all the plant books saying you couldn’t raise spinnable, naturally colored cottons. So I was blessed with ignorance, and thus went on.”

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