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IDEO, Innovative Product Design Team
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The IDEO staff outside, wearing 3-D glasses

The IDEO staff outside, wearing 3-D glasses

Innovative Product Design Team

At IDEO, experts from a variety of fields come together to design new products, services, environments, and digital experiences.

Teams of “human factors” experts, industrial designers, and mechanical engineers work on dozens of projects each year--everything from the first computer mouse for Apple to the Palm V to the Neat Squeeze toothpaste tube to train interiors for Amtrak to heart defibrillators.

IDEO teams use a five-step process for any project they work on. First they check out existing products and experiences. Then they observe people using those products. With their research and observations in mind, they visualize, evaluate and refine, and implement innovative solutions to their clients’ problems. But the recipe for success isn’t quite that simple.

IDEO’s corporate philosophy is that teamwork boosts their efforts in innovation and creativity. Teams share and improve ideas, building on their members’ skills and providing more opportunities for problem solving. Group brainstorming is a way to spark lots of new ideas at once. While new projects are being developed, team members often discuss and test them with family, friends, or colleagues. Being part of a team allows each member to engage in interdisciplinary, simultaneous innovation.

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