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IDEO, Innovative Product Design Team
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Collection of various strollers currently on the market

Collection of various strollers currently on the market

IDEO’s Process--Understand

Evenflo, a maker of baby equipment and products, wanted a new approach to strollers. So the firm came to IDEO.

While some strollers work with infant car seats of the same brand, Evenflo wanted a stroller that would work with any infant car seat. It also wanted IDEO to design a stroller that would catch people’s attention; easily fold, store, and unfold; maneuver easily; be comfortable for both the children who sit in it and the adults who push it; and be as safe or safer than any stroller on the market.

“By dissecting and examining other strollers, I got a sense of what’s possible. I also got a sense of what could be improved.”
--Larry Cheng, Mechanical Engineer

“We did a lot of research. Who else is making strollers? What’s available? What features are included on which models? What’s the range of prices? Why are strollers designed and made the way they are?”
--Annetta Papadopoulos, Project Manager

“Exploring the workings of so many strollers helped me get a sense of the scale, volume, and visual weight I wanted. I could connect a particular mechanical solution to an initial design approach. I learned what to avoid and what to emulate.”
--Frank Friedman, Industrial Designer

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