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Four-year-old Annetta Papadopoulos

Four-year-old Annetta Papadopoulos

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Larry Cheng, 1970
Larry Cheng, 1970

Frank Friedman, 1958
Frank Friedman, 1958

Jesse Fourt, 1978
Jesse Fourt, 1978

The IDEO Stroller Team as Children...

“Blocks were definitely a favorite of mine. And check out the early industrial design influence! Such symmetry!” --Annetta Papadopoulos

“My first toy was an empty box from a roll of 35-mm film. But my favorite childhood toys were Legos. Legos just have so many possibilities, like making robots, and houses, and even toy guns when your parents won’t let you have toy guns. The idea of using your imagination, rather than just accepting what’s in front of you, carries over to the culture of prototyping that we have here [at IDEO]. --Larry Cheng

“My favorite playthings as a kid were building blocks, paper and pencil, and a toolbox. Building blocks left everything up to me to create. I learned about static and dynamic structure as well as getting pretty good motor skills piling blocks as high as possible. I used to draw constantly. I loved to take things apart and see how they went together.” --Frank Friedman

“I loved [this truck] because it was similar to my dad’s real truck (shown in the background). The fact that he was a contractor strongly influenced my career path. I was always designing and building things with the scraps left over from his jobs, which gave me a big head start on design engineering.” --Jesse Fourt

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