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Akhil Madhani, Surgical Robot Inventor
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Akhil Madhani and the “Black Falcon”

Akhil Madhani

More Photography:

Madhani as a young boy
Madhani as a young boy, displaying his toy airplanes on his bed

Surgical Robot Inventor

“Engineers have to invent things, because that’s their job, to develop something as a solution to a problem.”

Akhil Madhani created the Black Falcon, a remote-controlled robot that allows surgeons to manipulate body tissue, sew and tie off sutures, and conduct other delicate procedures through incisions as small as one inch wide.

As a child, Madhani enjoyed building with his hands, making models, and designing his own toys. With his older brother Hiten, he would build model rockets.

Although both his parents were doctors, Madhani wasn’t interested in a strictly medical career. In graduate school, he pursued studies combining medicine with mechanical engineering.

“I always thought biology was kind of icky. I always preferred machines and mechanisms.”

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