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Akhil Madhani, Surgical Robot Inventor
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Madhani working on his scooter

Madhani working on his scooter

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Madhani flying a kite
Madhani flying a kite

Tinkering for a Living

In his free time, Madhani still enjoys tinkering with motor vehicles--a Jeep, a Vespa motor scooter, and a Ducati motorcycle. His tinkering has paid off.

“As you get better and better at being able to tinker with things, people let you do it for a living. Twelve years of engineering school doesn’t hurt either, because then they tend to let you do more complicated things, and you have some of the tools needed to do them, but that just makes it more fun.”

The Black Falcon won him $30,000 in prize money from the Lemelson-MIT Awards Program. He has five patents pending, and NASA is already using two of his inventions. Madhani works for Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development in Glendale, California, on robotics, computer-controlled systems, and digital technologies.

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