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Quartz clocks existed well before the 1960s. Inventing a quartz wristwatch was a task of miniaturization, requiring low-power, low voltage integrated circuits, miniature quartz crystal oscillators, small batteries, micromotors, and electronic displays. All of these components had to be specifically developed, requiring contributions from several diverse disciplines.

Displays Time Displays:
While the first quartz watches had analog dials, the digital display became a new option for representing time.

Battery The Battery: The battery replaced the mainspring as the energy source in the quartz watch.

IC Integrated Circuit: Integrated circuits substituted for all or parts of the gear train, and implemented new functions.

Quartz Quartz Crystal: The quartz crystal in an electronic watch, vibrating at 32,768Hz, provided a more accurate oscillator for timekeeping than the balance wheel of the mechanical watch.

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