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Spinning BeanieEureka! ePals-Smithsonian Invention Challenge

Think! Explore! Sketch! Create! Try! Tweak! Sell! Inventing is a process. From the Eureka! moment when the light bulb goes on to the new product that hits the market, there are a lot of steps and a lot of creativity in between.


The Eureka! ePals-Smithsonian Invention Challenge was an opportunity for children to invent a new product that made their daily lives easier, more fun of more efficient. Experts from the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center chose 10 great inventions to recognize. Student contributors each received an ePals T-shirt and their inventions are posted on both the ePals and Lemelson website.

Thank you to all who participated. The Smithsonian's Lemelson Center Team was thrilled with the creative ideas submitted by ePals students. Each entry was evaluated for originality, effectiveness, creativity, technical quality, and adherence to contest guidelines.

Here are a few of the winning entries' videos and for more information on all of these amazing inventions, click on the inventors name below.

Overnight Pet Feeder

Cherry Slicer

Amazing Invention

Handy Gadget

Click below to see the full profile for all of the winners and runners up:

Ashuni - Cycle Umbrella
Ailis - Overnight Pet Feeder
Senolcan - Amazing Invention
Metehan - Handy Gadget
Shreyam - Indicator in Gas Cylinder
Aadesh -Radiation Shield
Dahmir - Wonder Sweeper
Haley, Asia, Ezra, Joe - The Dog Vacuum
Ciara - Amazing Feet Warmers Invention
Mara, Luis - Cherry Slicer Invention
Camden - Indoor Dog Excercizer
Zen - Water Lily Tablet Inserter
Gabriel - Bustinator
Ipek - Night Lamp
Benjamin - Safety Straw

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