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George H. Clark   George H. Clark Radioana Collection
c. 1880 - 1950

By Robert S. Harding, 1990
Revised by Robert S. Harding, 2001
Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
© 2001 by the Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.


Container List, Series 4, A-E

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Box Folder    
7 1 • General "A" file, including secondary material on the following persons:  
    • Abbey, Harold Article
    • Abernethy, William L. Biographical information
    • Adair, George Award program, article
    • Aimone, Raimondo Article
    • Allen, James G. Article
    • Anderson, A. L. Scrapbook entry on
    • Anderson, Charles S. Articles
    • Anderson, Ewen C. Article
    • Andrea, Frank A.D. Article
    • Angell, James Rowland Articles
    • Anthony, Harvey M. Scrapbook entries on
    • Appleton, Edward V. Article
    • Archimedes Article
    • Armstrong, Robert Article
    • Arnold, Harold D. Scrapbook entry on
    • Arnold, Henry Harley Article
    • Arnold, John W. Article
    • Arnson, Ludwig Article
    • Ayers, Nathaniel Writings about
    • Aylesworth, Merlin H. Articles
  2 Adams, Ira W. Letter, 1922
  3 Adams, Quinton Biographical writings, article
  4 Alexanderson, Ernst Correspondence, 1922; biographical writings; article
  5 Allen, George Correspondence, 1919
  6 Almonte, John de Jara Correspondence, 1935-1945; biographical information; articles and printed material
  7 Apgar, Charles E. Correspondence, 1935; biographical writings; article
  8 Appleby, Thomas Correspondence, 1937-1945; biographical information; article
  9 Archer, Dean Writings
  10 Ardiff, W. LeYoung Correspondence, 1941
  11 Armstrong, Edwin H. Correspondence, 1916-1941; biographical writings; patent documents; scrapbook entries and clippings on; litigation documents
  12 Arnold, Frank A. Biographical information; articles
  13 Aufenanger, W.F. Letter to, 1935; biographical information; scrapbook entries on; articles
  14 Austin, Louis Winslow Letter, 1910; scrapbook entries on; articles
  15 • General "B" file, including secondary material on the following persons  
    • Babcock, Irving B. Scrapbook entry on
    • Baidukoff, Georgi Article
    • Bailey, George W. Article
    • Bailey, S.L. Article
    • Baker, Henry G. Article
    • Baker, Newton D. Scrapbook entry on
    • Baker, W.R.G. Article
    • Baldwin, M.W. Article
    • Ballantine, Stuart Articles, scrapbook entries on
    • Barager, Samuel Frank Scrapbook entry on
    • Barber, A.W. Article
    • Barkhausen, George Heinrich Article
    • Barkley, William J. Article
    • Barrett Scrapbook entry on
    • Batcheller, Arthur Article
    • Batsel, M.C. Article
    • Baxter, C.C. Article
    • Bayly, Benjamin deF. Award program, article
    • Bechberger, Paul F. Article
    • Bechmann, Rudolf Article
    • Bedford, L.H. Article
    • Beers, G.L. Award program, articles
    • Bellini, Ettore Scrapbook, entries on
    • Bensing, G.W. Resume
    • Beresford, Lord Charles Article
    • Bergin, M.L. Scrapbook entry on
    • Berkner, Lloyd V. Award program
    • Bevis Article
    • Bieberman, Jane Scrapbook entry on
    • Billings, Ellen A. Article
    • Binns, Jack Scrapbook entry on, article
    • Bird, J.R. Article
    • Black, H.S. Article
    • Blakeslee, Lt. Article
    • Blalack, Charles E. Scrapbook entry on
    • Bliss, Cornelius N. Scrapbook entry on, article
    • Bondi, James F. Scrapbook entry on
    • Bordeaux, Lucien Scrapbook entry on
    • Bose, Jagadis Chunder Scrapbook entry on
    • Bottomley, John Scrapbook entry on
    • Bouck, Zeh Scrapbook entry on
    • Bouthillon, Leon Scrapbook entry on
    • Bowles, Edward L. Scrapbook entry on
  18 • General "C" file, including secondary material on the following persons:  
    • Collinson, Peter Scrapbook entry on
    • Colpitts, Edwin H. Scrapbook entry on
    • Compton, Arthur H. Scrapbook entry on
    • Conradt-Eberlin, Viggo H. Articles
    • Conway, Urey W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Cook, Jay D. Press release
    • Cooke, G.C. Articles
    • Coolidge, William David Scrapbook entry on
    • Cooper, Charles B. Article
    • Cornell, Ezra Scrapbook entry on
    • Costigan, Daniel E. Article
    • Coulter, Harry Scrapbook entry on
    • Crocker, Allan E. Scrapbook entries on
    • Crocker, Stuart M. Scrapbook entry on, article
    • Croney, Evan Scrapbook entry on
    • Crosley, Powel Scrapbook entry on
    • Crossley, Alfred Scrapbook entry on, arcticle
    • Crowley, Sylvester W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Cruse, Andrew W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Culbert, Frederic P. Memorandum
    • Culbertson, Owen Scrapbook entry on
    • Cullum, A. Earl Award program
    • Cummings, B.R. Article
    • Cunaeus Scrapbook entry on
    • Cunningham, Elmer T. Memorandum, scrapbook entry on
    • Curie, Marie S. Scrapbook entry on
    • Curtis, F.W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Cutler, Bertram Biographical information
  37 Cabot, Sewall Biographical writings, articles, scrapbook entry on
  38 Cansler, Louis Autobiographical writings
  39 Carpenter, Glenn W. Press release, scrapbook entry on
  40 Chethan, Harry Correspondence pertaining to, 1938
  41 Clark, George H. Letters, unknown date
  42 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 11903-1909
8 1 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1910
  2 Clerk, George H. Correspondence, January - July, 1911
  3 Clark, George H. Correspondence, August - December, 1911
  4 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1912
  5 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1914-1917
  6 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1918-1927
  7 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1928-1934
  8 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1935
  9 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1936
  10 Clark, George H. Corrspondence, 1937-1939
  11 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1940-1941
  12 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1942-1943
  13 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1944-1945
  14 Clark, George H. Correspondence, 1946-1948
  15 Clark, George H. Letters relating to, 1934-1935
  16 Clark, George H. Biographical information
  17 Clark, George H. Biographical writings about
9 1 Clark, George H. Autobiographical writings by
  2 Clark, George H. Autobiographical writings by
  3 Clark, George H. Writings on his career
  4 Clark, George H. Writings and speeches
  5 Clark, George H. Writings on radio history
  6 Clark, George H. Writings on his collection and library
  7 Clark, George H. Writings: "'Regeneration' in the U.S. Navy"
  8 Clark, George H. Writings: "Preliminary Data on possible transfer of my historical library and collection of radioana to the Radio Corporation of America", June 11, 1941
  9 Clark, George H. Clark's list of patentable inventions, 1919
  10 Clark, George H. Litigation documents
  11 Clark, George H. Financial documents
  12 Clark, George H. First salary check
  13 Clark, George H. Clippings and printed material
  14 Clark, George H. Printed material
  15 Clark, George H. Miscellany
  16 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventios, undated
  17 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, 1905-1907
  18 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, 1908-1913
  19 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, 1914-1915
  20 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, January - May, 1916
  21 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, June, 1916 - 1917
10 1 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, 1918-1919
  2 Clark, George H. Records (drawings, notes) of Clark's patentable inventions, 1920
  3 Clark, Willard Letters, 1944
  4 Coburn, John C. Litigation documents
  5 Chohen, Alfred Biographical information
  6 Cole, Neil D. Letters, 1933-1935; business card
  7 Coleman, Arthur Letter, 1931; certificate, 1911
  8 Conrad, Frank Press release, articles, scrapbook entries on, address by David Sarnoff on
  9 Cooke, Charles G. Biographical information
  10 Cooper, C.B. Biographical and autobiographical information
  11 Costigan, A.J. Biographical information, articles
  12 Cowan Letter pertaining to, 1936
  13 Cram, E.R. Correspondence of and about, 1908-1947; biographical information; writings; drawings; scrapbook entries on
  14 Crosby, Murray G. Biographical information, printed matter
  15 Crosier, Emmet Letters, 1930
  16 Cunningham, E.T. Letters, 1922-1935; information on inventions; scrapbook entry on
  17 Curtis, A.M. Writings
  18 • General "D" file, including secondary material on the following persons:  
    • Daley, W.F. Scrapbook entry on
    • Dana, Paul A. Scrapbook entry on
    • Daniel, John B. Article
    • Dannals, Earl Wood Business card
    • Darby, Sam E., Jr. Scrapbook entry on
    • Daum, Margaret Press release
    • Davis, Lt. Cmdr. Scrapbook entry on
    • Davis, Bryan S. Article
    • Dawes, Charles G. Biographical information
    • Deakins, Frank R. Scrapbook entry on
    • Dellinger, J.H. Scrapbook entry on, article
    • DeLeath, Vaughn Scrapbook entries on
    • DeMars, Paul Alva Article
    • Denny, Charles R. Article
    • DeSousa, George S. Scrapbook entry on
    • Diamond, H. Article
    • Dillon, John Memorandum
    • Dolph, C.L. Award program
    • Dome, R.B. Award program
    • Dreyer, John Biographical information
    • Duddell, William Scrapbook entry on
    • DuMont, Allen B. Biographical information, article, scrapbook entries on
    • Duncan, Rudolph L. Article
    • Dunham, H.E. Article
    • Dunmore, F.W. Article
    • Dunn, Gano Biographical information, article
    • Dunn, R.W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Dyson, Sir Frank Scrapbook entry on
  19 D'Agostino, J. Letter, 1935
  20 Davis, George S. Correspondence of and relating to, 1919-1920
  21 Davis, Manton Letters, 1932-1939; biographical information; articles
  22 DeForest, Lee Correspondence with Clark, undated and 1917-1948
  23 DeForest, Lee Correspondence, undated and 1918-1947 (some of it in excerpt form)
  24 DeForest, Lee Letters pertaining to, 1939-1947
  25 DeForest, Lee Poem about
  26 DeForest, Lee Scrapbook entries on
  27 De Forest, Lee Clippings and articles
11 1 DeForest, Lee Miscellaneous printed material
  2 DeForest, Lee Articles about
  3 DeForest, Lee Autobiographical writings
  4 DeForest, Lee Writings, "Wireless Telegraphy as it is Today"
  5 DeForest, Lee Articles by, 1898-1903
  6 DeForest, Lee Miscellaneous writings
  7 DeForest, Lee Litigation documents
  8 DeForest, Lee Biographical writings
  9 DeForest, Lee DeForest Company documents
  10 DeForest, Lee Miscellany
  11 Degroot, Henry Litigation documents
  12 Descalzi, Ray Speech
  13 Di Lorenzo, S. Natale Letter, 1937
  14 Dolbear, Amos Letters to and pertaining to, 1900-1941
  15 Dolbear, Amos Writings: "On my Researches in Telephony"
  16 Dolbear, Amos Biographical writings and articles
  17 Dolbear, Benjamin Letters of and pertaining to, 1911-1947
  18 Dreher, Carl Letter, 1931-1948
  19 Dubilier, William Biographical writings, articles
  20 Dubilier, William Correspondence pertaining to, 1919-1920
  21 Dubilier, William Litigation documents, 1920
  22 Ducretet, E. Book, Practical Guide to Long Distance Wireless Telephony, 1902; article
  23 Duffy, J.B. Letter, 1944; biographical writings; articles; scrapbook entries
  24 Dunlap, Orrin Biographical information; articles
  25 Dunlap, Orrin Review of his radio manual
  26 Dunn, Laurence Biographical information, articles
  27 • General "E" file, including secondary material on the following persons  
    • Eastham, Melville Scrapbook entries
    • Eaton, William A. Notes by Clark on, scrapbook entry on
    • Eckersley, P.P. Article
    • Eckersley, T.L. Article
    • Edelman, Philip E. Articles
    • Edes, N.H. Article
    • Edgar, Herb Scrapbook entry on
    • Edwards, E.P. Scrapbook entry on
    • Edwards, Clifton V. Scrapbook entry on
    • Ehret, C.D. Scrapbook entry on
    • Eichwald Scrapbook entry on
    • Ellefson, B.S. Award program
    • Elliott, Ralph Scrapbook entry on
    • Ellis Scrapbook entry on
    • Ellsworth, J.D. Article
    • Emmons, George E. Scrapbook entry on
    • Entwhistle, S.W. Scrapbook entry on
    • Erskine-Murray, James Scrapbook entry on
    • Esterly, Marcus H. Scrapbook entry on
    • Evans, Col. Scrapbook entry on
    • Evans, Porter Article
  28 Eccles, William Henry Biographical writings, scrapbook entries
  29 Eddy, William Crawford Biographical article, 1941; scrapbook entry on
  30 Edison, Thomas Alva Letters relating to, 1929-1931; plans for ceremony honoring
  31 Edison, Thomas Alva Articles about, biographical writings
  32 Eldredge, F.E. Letter, 1930
  33 Elwell, Cyril F. Letters, 1941-1947; writings about; biographical information; scrapbook entries on; articles
12 1 Entwistle, G.R. Biography, article
  2 Espenschied, Lloyd Biographical writings; letters, 1943-1947; article



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