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West Coast Computer Faire Collection,
1977, 1980

Extent and Forms of Material: .50 cubic feet, (1 box)
Creator: Ernie Jones
Abstract: Collection contains product literature, newsletters, and other hand-outs collected from exhibitors by Ernie Jones, a faire attendee. The First West Coast Computer Faire was held in San Francisco, California on April 15-17, 1977, and the Fifth West Coast Computer Faire was held on March 14-16, 1980.
Repository: Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.;; 202-633-3270;
Collection Number: AC1118
Processing Note: Processed by Robert Ageton (volunteer), November, 2007; supervised by Alison Oswald, archivist.
© 2008 by the Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.


Information for users of the collection

Conditions Governing Access: The collection is open for research use.
Physical Access: Researchers must handle unprotected photographs with gloves.
Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use: Copyright held by the Smithsonian Institution. Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Reproduction permission from Archives Center: fees for commercial use.
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In-depth information about the collection

Administrative/biographical history
Scope and content
System of arrangement
Acquisition information
Custodial history
Access points
Container listing

Administrative/biographical history

The West Coast Computer Faire was an annual computer industry conference and exposition that was often held in San Francisco. The first faire was held in 1977 at the San Francisco Auditorium and Brooks Hall. It was organized by Jim Warren and Bob Reiling. At the time it was the biggest computer show in the world, intended to popularize the personal computer in the home. However, Apple stopped exhibiting at the West Coast Computer Faire, refusing to exhibit at any show other than COMDEX that also had PC based exhibits. In 1983, Warren sold the rights to the Faire for US$3 million to Prentice Hall, who later sold it to Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Interface Group and COMDEX. In total, sixteen shows were held, with the last in 1992. The Fifth West Coast Computer Faire was held from March 14-16, 1980 in San Francisco and its focus was intelligent machines for home, business and industry.

Scope and content

Collection is divided into two series: 1977 Faire Materials and 1980 Faire Materials. In some instances, the dates associated with the materials are recorded. Otherwise, all materials are dated 1977 or 1980. The 1977 and 1980 Faires were held at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium and Brooks Hall. The programs for the faires include the schedule at a glance, list of sessions, advertisements, lists of exhibitors and booth, and the conference proceedings from previous fairs. The materials contain product literature for computer hardware and software, publications, newsletters, journals, advertisements, and other computer-related information. The fairs included papers, talks, demonstrations, and exhibits.

System of arrangement

Series 1, 1977 Faire Materials
Series 2, 1980 Faire Materials


Some materials in Japanese.

Acquisition information

This collection was donated by Ernie Jones on October 20, 2007.

Custodial history

Transferred to the Archives Center from the Division of Information Technology and Communication on October 4, 2007.

Access points

Jones, Ernie



Container listing

Box Folder  
1 1 Program, 1977 April
  2 Alpha Micros Systems
  3 Altair Software Distribution Company
  4 Associated Electronics Company
  5 Advanced Microcomputer Products
  6 ALF Products, Inc.
  7 Alpha Microsystems
  8 Association For Computing Machinery
  9 Billings Computer Corporation
  10 Board Byters 1976
  11 Byte Shop
  12 California Business Machines
  13 Center for the Study of the Future
  14 Comptex
  15 Computer Corporation
  16 Computalker Consultants
  17 Computer Kits, Inc.
  18 Computer Music Journal
  19 Compu/Time Price List
  29 Creative Micro Systems
  21 Cromemco Corporation
  22 Custom Computer Systems
  23 DAJEN Electronics
  24 Data Terminal and Communications, 1976
  25 Davis Laboratories
  26 Digital Components Group
  27 Digital Electronics Corporation
  28 Digital Equipment Corporation
  29 The Digital Group
  30 Digital Projects
  31 Digital Systems
  32 Dilithium Press
  33 E. Berg Publications
  34 Electron Tool Company
  35 E and L Instruments, Inc.
  36 E and L Pfeiffer Computer Products
  37 Eidetic Designs, Undated
  38 Electronic Control Technology
  39 Electronic Music Productions
  40 Escon (Impact Printer)
  41 Extensys Corporation
  42 Forethought Products
  43 Galaxy Systems
  44 GNAT Computers, Inc.
  45 Hal Communications Corporation
  46 Hayden Book Company, Inc.
  47 Heuristics, Inc.
  48 Hot Line, Inc.
  49 Ibex Company
  50 ICS Computer Equipment Sales
  51 Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society
  52 Information Terminals Corporation
  53 Integrated Computer Systems
  54 Integrated Research Corporation
  55 Intel Corporation, 1975
  56 Ithaca Audio
  57 Kathryn Atwood Enterprises
  58 Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California
  59 Logical Services, Inc.
  60 Logistics
  61 Meca
  62 M and M Enterprises
  63 Microcomputer Associates, Inc.
  64 Micro Designs, Inc.
  65 1976 Mini/Micro Computer Conference and Exposition
  66 Micro-Term, Inc.
  67 Midwest Scientific Instruments
  68 Mikkuiya Data Systems
  69 Mini Term Associates, Inc.
  70 Mountain Hardware
  71 Mr. Calculator
  72 MUG (programming language)
  73 Mullen Computer Boards
  74 National Multiplex Corporation
  75 National Semiconductor Corporation
  76 North Star Computers, Inc.
  77 Ohio Scientific Instruments
  78 Pacific Office Systems
  79 PAIA Electronics, Inc.
  80 Parasitic Engineering
  82 Peoples Computer Company
  83 Peripheral Vision, Inc.
  84 PerSci, Inc.
  85 Perteck Computer Corporation
  86 Poly Paks
  87 Prentice-Hall, Inc.
  88 Prime Radix, Inc.
  89 Processor Technology
  90 Promedics Data Corporation
  91 PSR, Inc.
  92 Realistic Controls Corporation
  93 Recreational Computer Centers
  94 Rigel Four
  95 RMQ Systems
  96 ROM Publications Corporation
  97 S100 Computer Products
  98 Sargent's Distributing
  99 Smoke Signal Broadcasting
  100 Software Technology Corporation
  101 Southern California Computer Society
  102 Southwest Technical Products Corporation
  103 Sunrise Electronics
  104 Sylvan Hills Laboratory, Inc.
  105 Symbiotic Systems
  106 Tab Books
  107 Technical Design Labs
  108 T and H Engineering
  109 Ultra-Violet Products, Inc.
  110 Department of Computer Science, University of California
  111 Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California
  112 Vector Graphic, Inc.
  113 Video Terminal Technology
  114 Western Data System
  115 Wave Mate
  116 Zybek
  117 Program 1980 March
  118 Ad Tech Power, Inc.
  119 Advanced Computer Products
  120 Allen Gelder and Company
  121 American Terminal Leasing Company
  122 Apple Computer, Inc.
  123 Apple Orchard
  124 Applied Digital Data Systems, Inc. 1978
  125 Arkenstone, Inc., undated
  126 Business Microproducts-Division of The Ready Corporation
  127 California Pacific Computer Company
  128 Cameo Data Systems
  129 Casheab
  130 CMC Marketing Corporation
  131 Commodore Business Machines
  132 Commline, 1979 Sept/Oct.
  133 CompuMax Associates, Inc.
  134 Complete Business Services Corporation
  135 Computer Connection
  136 Computer Information Exchange, Inc.
  137 Computer Pathways Unlimited, Inc., 1980
  138 Computer Shopper, 1980 March 15
  139 Compumart
  140 CompuServe
  141 Computalker Consultants
  142 Computronics
  143 Creative Computing Press
  144 Creative Computing Software
  145 Cromenco, Inc.
  146 Datametrics Corporation
  147 Digital Design
  148 Digital Graphic Systems
  149 Dynabyte
  150 EXO Electronics Company
  151 Dilithium Press
  152 Edu-Ware Services, Inc., 1980 March
  153 Electrolabs
  154 Electronic Data Systems Corporation
  155 Enerpac, 1979
  156 Exatron
  157 General Eclectics
  158 General Electric Company
  159 Graham-Dorian Software Systems, Inc., 1980 Spring
  160 Grass Valley Computer Systems
  161 Guidance to Japan Micro Computer Club
  162 Heathkit Computer
  163 Hewlett Packard Journal, 1980 June
  164 Information Unlimited Software, Inc.
  165 Intelligent Business Machines (IBM)
  166 Intertec Data Systems
  167 JADE Computer Products
  168 John Bell Engineering
  169 Johnson Associates Software
  170 Level IV Products, Inc.
  171 Lobo Drives International
  172 Magnolia Microsystems
  173 M and R Enterprises
  174 Marinchip Systems
  175 MicroAge
  176 Micro-AP
  177 Microcomputer Consultants
  178 MicroDaSys
  179 Micromation, 1979 December 31
180 Micromation
  181 Micro Matrix
  182 Micro Peripheral
  183 Microsoft
  184 MicroSun, Inc.
  185 Micro Technology Unlimited
  186 Microwave General
  187 MQI (computer products)
  188 Newman Computer Exchange
  189 Osborne Library of Microcomputer Books and Software, 1980 February
  190 Personal Software Inc., (catalog), 1980 Spring
  191 Phase One Systems, Inc.
  192 PMS Pacific Mountain States Corporation
  193 Priority Electronics
  194 Processor Technology Corporation
  195 Programma Computer Products
  196 Programma International, Inc.
  197 Quasar Data Products
  198 Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
  199 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Micro Computer Products
  200 R-Factor Computer Concerns
  201 Racet Computes
  202 Retail Services, Inc.
  203 Small Business Applications, Inc.
  204 Southwest Technical Products Corporation
  205 Strobe, Inc.
  206 Structured Systems Group, Inc.
  207 Synergistic Software
  208 Systems Formulate Corporation
  209 Vandata
  210 Videx
  211 Western Union Data Services
  212 XYMEC



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