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Morse telegraph register Western Union Telegraph Company Records

400 cubic feet
by Robert S. Harding and Alison Oswald

Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C;.; 202-633-3270;
© 2001, second edition, by the Smithsonian Institution. All rights reserved.


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SERIES 21: MAPS and CHARTS, 1820-1964

Box Folder Description
    Subseries 1: Bound Maps, 1916-1931
681 1 Bound Maps, ca. 1916-1931, Highway Lines by States
  2 Bound Maps, ca. 1916-1931, Pre-Inventory Map of Oregon, California and Eastern Railway
    Subseries 2: Railroad Valuation Maps, 1915-1941
682 1 Valuation Maps, ca. 1915-1941 (Volume A-F)
683 1 Valuation Maps, ca. 1915-1941 (Volume G-N)
    Subseries 3: Indexed Maps (Originals), 1918-1964 (not inclusive)
(Locations of owned, leased, and control of pole and wire lines)
O/S Fldr 1   Index Map-Alabama, n.d.
    Index Map-Arkansas, n.d.
    Index Map-California, 1919
    Index Map-Florida, 1938; revised 1962
    Index Map-Georgia, 1919
    Index Map-Idaho, 1919
    Index Map-Illinois, 1919
    Index Map-Indiana, n.d.
    Index Map-Iowa, 1919
O/S Fldr 2   Index Map-Kansas, 1919
    Index Map-Kentucky, 1918
    Index Map-Louisiana, 1919
    Index Map-Maine, 1919
    Index Map-Massachusetts, 1919
    Index Map-Michigan, 1919
    Index Map-Minnesota, 1919
    Index Map-Mississippi, 1919
    Index Map-Missouri, 1919
O/S Fldr 3   Index Map-Montana, n.d.
    Index Map-Nebraska, n.d.
    Index Map-Nevada, n.d.
    Index Map-New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, n.d.
    Index Map-New Jersey, 1919
    Index Map- New Mexico, n.d.
    Index Map- New York, n.d.
    Index Map-North Carolina, n.d.
    Index Map-North Dakota, n.d.
    Index Map-Ohio, n.d.
    Index Map-Oklahoma, n.d.
    Index Map-Pennsylvania, n.d.
O/S Fldr 4   Index Map-South Carolina, n.d.
    Index Map-South Dakota, n.d.
    Index Map-Tennessee, n.d.
    Index Map-Texas, 1937; revised 1963
    Index Map-Utah and Arizona, n.d.
    Index Map-Vermont, n.d.
    Index Map-Virginia, n.d.
    Index Map-Washington and Oregon, n.d.
    Index Map-West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland, 1919
    Index Map-Wisconsin, 1939
    Index Map-Wyoming and Colorado, 1919
O/S Fldrs 5-7   Subseries 4: Indexed Maps (Copies), 1918-1964 (not inclusive)
    Subseries 5: Plant and Engineering Department Maps, 1946; 1952
O/S Fldr 8   Wholly owned, jointly owned and leased mileages in land line system, 1952
    Wholly owned, jointly owned, and leased mileages in land line system, showing net changes, 1946
    Map of cable communications, n.d.
    Subseries 6: Miscellaneous Maps, 1820-1953
O/S Fldr 9   Chart showing route of Western Union's Miami-Key West Cable, 1921
    Repeater Chart with mileages [1938]
    Trunk routes of AT & T Company, Long Lines Department, 1943
    Western Union Telegraph Company Pole Lines in Maritime Provinces of Canada, 1938
    Map of the United States, n.d.
    Map of United States with counties U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1926
    Western Union property Punta Rassa, Florida 1925
    Pre-Inventory map showing approx. Locations of Western Union pole lines and wires along the Baltimore and Ohio System, n.d.
    AT & T Repeaters, n.d.
    Map of U.S. Showing Western Union Company wires and cables
    Sketch of map of Western Union and Underlying Companies telegraph lines on Boston and Maine Railroad
    Map of lines of the Mutual Union Telegraph Company, 1882
    Location of pole lines along Oregon Short Line Railroad Union Pacific System in the state of Idaho, 1939
    Map of U.S. Showing Western Union Divisions and Districts, n.d.
    Lines of Compaigne Francaise Des Cables Telegraphiques, n.d.
    Main Office location, St. Louis, 1923
    Western Union Office of Valuation Engineer, Pole lines in Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester Counties New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, 1935
    Western Union Office of Valuation Engineer, Pole lines in Columbia, Dutchess, Green, Orange, Putnam, and Ulster Counties, New York, 1935
    Western Union and connecting lines, 1860
    Map of lines of the Southern and Atlantic Telegraph Co. and connections, 1921
    Western Union Property, New Lennox County of Will, State of Illinois, 1916
    Federal Communications Commission Personnel Chart, 1937
    Western Union Lines in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, 1912
    Chattanooga, Tennessee Pole Yard Western Union Land and Improvements, 1919
    Lines of Northwestern Telegraph Co. 1881
    Wire Chart of the Great Northern Railroad, 1917
    Southhampton, Long Island, New York, 1953
    Manhattan/Queens, New York, 1938
    New York Central, Rutland, Delaware and Hudson Canadian Pacific Railroad, 1932
    Lines used by Western Union as of July 1948
    Southern Pacific Railway, n.d.
    Maritime Provinces of Canada, [1939?]
    Boston and Maine Railroad, n.d.
    Atlantic Coast Line, n.d.
    Louisiana Railway and Navigation Co., n.d.
    Pennsylvania Lines, West of Pittsburgh, 1913
    Southern Pacific Railroad, n.d.
    Southern Railway, 1912
    Southern Pacific Railway, Lines East, n.d.
    Southern Pacific Railway, Lines West Wires owned in State of Arizona, n.d.
    New York Central Lines, 1820
    Dom. Tel. Company Circuits, 1880
    Mutual Union Telegraph Co., n.d.
    Wires owned by the State of Arizona, n.d.
683 2 Radiotelegraph Circuits, 1948-1955
O/S Fldr. 14   New York-Kansas City Round Robin Circuit and map, undated
O/S Fldr. 19   Partial map of downtown Chicago, Illinois (possibly Baltimore & Ohio Railroad related), undated
    Baltimore and Ohio Railroad routes map, undated

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