Podcast: Innovation of Sound in Video Games
Musician Jim Dooley talks about the process involved in creating music for modern video games and how he records and develops his own sounds. Also interviewed is Peter Berkman, lead songwriter from Anamanaguchi, a band that uses sound chips from old video game consoles like the NES and Game Boy to create music.

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A production of the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center. Written, hosted, and audio production by Matt Ringelstetter. Art Molella, executive producer. Matt Ringelstetter and Laurel Fritzsch podcast program managers. Joyce Bedi, webmaster. Jim Dooley and Peter Berkman were interviewed by Matt Ringelstetter on February 25, 2012. Podcast released on March 23, 2012. Music by Anamanaguchi, from the FreeMusicArchive.org and anamanaguchi.com.